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Plastic surgery

Mini Lifting Cervico Facial

The minilift is a surgery to reduce the wrinkles in the face and the neck  .It can be done with mini scars in the hairs in the temporal region.This surgery is minimal compared to the extensive lifting. The duration effect is, of course shorter, but really visible without changing the expression at all.This surgery can be combined with local fillings , botox injections, and can really rejunevate the face.The eyelid correction can be combined

The complete lifting is sometimes necessary, when the skin is too relaxed in the lower part of the face. This surgery is more extented,the scars are located in the temporal area, the ears , and behind the ears and in the neck


Blepharoplasty is the procedure that rejuvenates the eyelids. This procedure can concern the upper, lower or 4 eyelids at the same time. Recent techniques combine the resection of excess skin with volume treatment by removing fatty hernias and filling with fat injections taken from the patient that improve the result. If only the upper eyelids are used, local anaesthesia is possible.

Nose surgery

The nose may not match the type of face, being too wide, too strong, too long, or deformed. Reconstructions of cartilages by internet can compensate for these defects. The important thing is to keep the personality of the face, and not that the nose does «surgery»

Liposuction and balancing of the face

The chin can be too greasy, the nasogenic folds too pronounced, some unsightly wrinkles: a facial reshaping by liposculpture with very fine cannulas and/or injection of fine fat into the wrinkles, allow rejuvenation and better balance. These techniques can often be done under local anesthesia.

Breast surgery

  • Breast augmentation by prosthesis
  • Increase by lipofilling
  • Breast Decrease

Breast reduction and mastopexy

Those surgeries are performed with minimal scars, and can be combined with fat fillings, mini implants if hypoplasy post feeding babies.Each case must be consideed and the adapted surgery can be proposed

Breast reduction
Breast reduction

Surgery for breast malformations: hypoplasia, asymmetry

To treat breast deformities, conventional methods of correcting hypertrophy or ptosis must be combined with increases in breast size.
Thus, it is possible to increase the volume of one or both breasts by injections of its own fat taken from areas of the body that could be treated by liposuction.

Breast augmentation by filling with correction of the gap between the breasts

Silicon intolerance

Capsulectomy after explantation of the prothesis, and filling

Sometimes, after introduction of prothesis, some patients do develop intolerance to them with antibodies.The symptoms are asthenia,arthritis, headaches, thyroiditis. The prothesis can brake and the silicone spread in the nodes and then  in the body .It is important to remove them as soon as possible. The caspula around the prothesis  witch can be very thick, adherent to the muscle.Their removal can be a challenge because  the fibrosis, the chronic inflammation can provoque bleedings, but it is mandatory.The replacement with fat can be performed directly during this cession, of after some months. The volume can be correct , and the symptoms will decrease within the months.


In the case of localized fat overloads, it is possible to make corrections thanks to liposuction. Modern liposuction uses specific material that increases precision and efficiency in order to improve the result. The American Hospital of Paris is equipped with the «gold standard» in the field, the MicroAire system, which provides mechanical assistance to the suction and which offers a large selection of cannulas, adapted to each area and each type of skin.

What technical improvements make it possible to practice micro lipofilling?

Thinner fat injection cannulas

Micro lipofilling cannulas are as fine as the fine needles traditionally used in aesthetic medicine.

In addition, these cannulas have several advantages:

  • The foam end allows a non-traumatic introduction, reducing any risk of hematoma.
  • The cannulas are made of high quality, thin-walled stainless steel and have a smooth surface for easy and non-traumatic introduction.
  • The base of the cannula has an ergonomic shape to facilitate handling during insertion.
  • The lateral hole at the end of the cannula provides a directed injection of the product.

Thinner fat sampling cannulas. In order to be able to inject fine particles of grease, the grease must first be taken in the form of fine particles. For this purpose, very fine sampling cannulas have been developed by laboratories whose diameter of the fat sampling cannula corresponds to the diameter of the reinjection cannula. This avoids traumatizing the fat.

Lipofilling of the cheekbones

A classic sign of aging, cheekbones lose prominence. It can also be a failure of initial development. Lipofilling of the cheekbones gives excellent results.

Lipofilling of the lips

Lip augmentation is most often done by hyaluronic acid. In some cases lipofilling for lip augmentation may be considered if the patient wishes a more lasting treatment.

Lipofilling of the chin

A slight advance of the chin can be achieved by lipofilling the chin. It gains less than 5 mm of advance. In case of a desire for a larger projection, only classical genioplasty allows to achieve this.

Lipofilling et lifting

As part of facial rejuvenation, it is common to associate lipofilling with a face lift. These rejuvenation techniques give very good results by restoring flattened or excavated volumes, in addition to a repositioning of tissues by lifting.

Nasogenic grooves, Bitter folds

​These are the downward folds located on the corners of the mouth. Filling of the bitterness folds or filling of the nasogenic furrows by lipofilling gives good results. Lipofilling is one therapeutic solution among others.

Lipofilling of the cheeks

Lipofilling of the cheeks makes it possible to correct the hollows by filling the area of the Ball of Bichat. In addition, lipofilling in deep napping provides a rejuvenating effect on the skin.