Dr Corinne Becker – Lymphoedema Center


Jean, Luxembourg

Many thanks, Dr Corinne Becker

Following a prostatectomy in 2017, I had to undergo radiotherapy: a few weeks later, I found myself with what is known as a ‘big leg’, with lymphocele and lymphoedema! The urologists who were treating me only offered supportive therapies, regular restraints, stays in clinics specialising in compressions, etc., but not a real therapy that would cure me!

By consulting the Internet, I discovered the work of Dr Corinne Becker, and I made an appointment with her at the American Hospital in Paris: the first contact put me in confidence and on her recommendation I went to do a lymphatic MRI at the Hartmann clinic: this is very important to underline because the department of Dr Rotenberg of this clinic is specialised in this so particular medical imaging!

I was operated on by Dr Becker (axillary lymph node transfer) in September 2018, two days in the clinic with the obligation of sustained compression for the first few days and lymphatic massages .

My physiotherapist and I quickly witnessed with great joy a clear improvement over a few days, to the great surprise of my urologists who could not believe it!

Almost 4 years later, a new MRI carried out at the beginning of 2022 shows ‘clear improvement with almost complete regression of the lymphoedema on the 2018 controls’.

For me, my leg is now normal!

I was able to talk about this operation with many people, including specialist doctors, university professors and specialist practitioners, unfortunately none of them knew about Dr Becker’s lymph node relocation practice!

Once again, many thanks

Jean, Luxembourg