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Breast surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery

Breast reduction and mastopexia

These interventions are carried out in an attempt to minimize the scars, which are however unavoidable. They can be combined with filling or even mini-implants to increase breast projection in case of gland loss, especially after pregnancies. Correction of hypertrophy, ptôse, method with 1, 2 or 3 scars, Treatment associated with implant placement or fat injections. Each indication shall be made on a case-by-case basis.

Reconstructive breast surgery

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer

The unit at the american hospital of paris , do propose all the techniques for the breast reconstruction, regarding the quality of the skin, and the extension of the defect.

If the remaining skin is large, and soft  enough, the combinationn of implant and/or fat filling can be the easier alternative 

If the skin has no more elasticity and too tie, the only way to rebuilt a breast, is a flap.

It can be a pediculated musculo-cutaneous flap (dorsalis flap) or just cutaneous flap based on the same vessels if it remains an extra fold in the axillair region (TDAP).The scar will be in the lateral and dorsal region under the bra.

Thoses flap do require sometimes insertion of a prothesis to have enough volume.

The reconstructions without foreign body do require microsurgical techniques : The use of the skin and fat below the ombilicus combine the abdominoplasty and the breast reconstruction. This is a very elegant technique , but needs experimented hands. We can also use a skin paddle from the interior or post part of the thigh (TUG or PAP).

All those flaps can be combined with a free lymphnodes transplantation , to replace the nodes in the axillair region and treat the lymphoedema.

Secondary corrections are performed to perform the symetrisation of the both breasts :reduction , mastoplasty of the other breast, fillings and reconstruction of the areola.

The areola can be rebuilt or, by 3D tatoo, or with the upper lid skin (blepharoplasty), or with some skin of the contralateral areola in case of reduction and mastoplasty of the normal breast

The realization of all these interventions: intensive care unit, microscope, laser, monitoring of flaps by tissue oximeters, state-of-the-art equipment for the realization of lipofilling, etc. This comprehensive offering allows patients to perform the most appropriate reconstruction method for their case

Surgery for breast malformations

To treat breast malformations, classical methods of correction for hypertrophy or ptosis should be combined with breast volume increases.

Thus, it is possible to increase the volume of one or both breasts by injections of its own fat taken from areas of the body that could be treated by liposuction.

Capsulectomy and removal of prostheses with fat replacement

Over time, some patients develop intolerance to prostheses, with hard shells and sometimes, immunize against prostheses (ASIA syndrome). You will have to remove the prostheses and the hulls completely, and you will be able, with lipofilling, to restore a shape to the breasts.

Before and after capsulectomy and replacement of the prosthesis with fat (filling)