Dr Corinne Becker – Lymphoedema Center

Early impressions

I feel already quite happy for the first results I see and feel in my right arm. Quite a portentous technique, doubtlessly.

Since my emergency surgery I had been living with a constant sense of weight in my arm and hand, feeling a distressing pain especially around the wrist and at the base of my fingers.

It became sometimes quite annoying, sending me straight to bed to rest my arm.

Right after your surgery I experienced a sense of lightness of my offended arm that now has come to feel perfectly unobtrusive to my body as my other arm.

Gone are the pain, under the skin tension and fatigue.

I must keep myself from unconsciously using the arm for everyday tasks.

The non bandaged part of the arm shows some swelling, but it is more delicate and reduced  with respect to pre surgery state, also the muscle is starting to be seen again and skin is soft and pliable as in the rest of my body.

Previously skin had a thick consistency, if bandages were wrongly set they would leave deep marks, now I’m really back to normal also with respect to this.

Visible part of the hand also looks practically normal, If i touch I feel the tendons with no strange layer in the middle.

I had some tingling after your surgery, now gone, substituted by a pleasant feeling of lightness and freedom.

I will keep you informed of any significant improvement, taking images as soon as I will be free of bandages for some moment in rehab, as you asked me to do.

Thanking you for your bright intuition, I send you my best wishes also on behalf of my family.