Dr Corinne Becker – Lymphoedema Center

Lipoedema Surgery

Some patients present with significant lipodystrophies in the thighs, calves and ankles which swell more and more. Weight loss treatments do nothing.

Our treatment  is first an assessment:

A specific biology in micronutrition  is mandatory to understand insulin resistance witch can cause obesity, and the ionic and protein losses that cause edemas, and the hormonal problems.

LymphoMRI to look for water infiltration and possible lymph node and/or lymphatic vessels hypoplasia.

Treatment :

The treatment is long term and is multidisciplinary.

  1. Micronutrition
  2. Liposculture, but, given the massive absorption of water, it is not recommended to do it under lipojet. On the other hand, in the event of hypoplasia, it will be done with the direct vision of the lymphatic channels after an injection of fluoresceine which will be captured by a lazer and which will allow the cannulas to be guided in safe areas to avoid destruction of lymphatic vessels.
  3. Lymphovenous derivations in case of ankle stasis
  4. Lymph node autotransplants in the knee or inguinal region, depending on MRI imaging.

Conclusion :

It is obvious that this pathology is far from simple, is multifactorial, and that the first diagnosis is essential. A simple liposuction will never solve the problem in the long term.

Preop and 5 years after lymph node grafting at both knees and liposculpture
2 years after lymphnodes transfers at the knee to treat the ankle swellings and liposculpture
Lipoedema and lymphoedema of the right leg.2 years after lymphnode transfer at the rigt knee and liposculpture.No diet
67 old women suffering from true lipoedema with distal slight lymphoedema. Results after 1 lymphnode transfer in the right inguinal region and liposculpture for hypoplasy in the deep ingional lymphatic system (IRML)