Dr Corinne Becker – Lymphoedema Center

Autologous Lymph Node Transfers

J reconstr Microsurg 2016; 32(01): 028-033 DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1563393 Becker C. Lymphedema is a common chronic and progressive condition complicating cancer treatment. Patients undergoing lymph node dissection and radiation therapy required for oncological treatment in breast and pelvic cancers are at…

Early impressions

I feel already quite happy for the first results I see and feel in my right arm. Quite a portentous technique, doubtlessly. Since my emergency surgery I had been living with a constant sense of weight in my arm and…


Please find attached a Tri- Athelon photo in which I participated on August 2 in Connecticut. I thought you ‘d like to see the positive results of my two transfers of lymph nodes and huge improvement in my leg.